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What is Root Camp?

ROOT CAMP is a spiritual journey where you heal the connection to the divine masculine and divine feminine. When we are born our first connection to feminine is our mother and the first connection to masculine is our father. We are from the energy of our mother and father. In Root camp we seek out the blocks to the feminine and masculine energy and work to clear them so as to clear the path to ourselves. When we connect more strongly to ourselves we connect more strongly to others. In doing so, we strengthen all our relationships. In Root camp we learn to stay in the now, we learn that maybe the story we've been telling about our lives isn't the only way to look at it. We also learn that what we recall about our memories could actually be more of our own interpretation of what happened rather than what the other people involved actually meant by their words or actions. What does Root camp look like? It entails one on one sessions with Michelle online or in person, if location permits. The first session is answering questions and from there you are assigned homework to complete and submit before your next appointment. Each exercise brings you deeper into getting to know and understand you and what makes you tick on a deeper level.

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